Error "found 501 linked vids with a limit of 500"






"status": "error",
"message": "{"status":"error","message":"found 501 linked vids with a limit of 500","correlationId":"64e988c3-18cf-4416-9c7e-dabdf553593b","requestId":"9b5041ee-8928-4e4b-8502-a87fea9db2c6"}",
"correlationId": "64e988c3-18cf-4416-9c7e-dabdf553593b",
"requestId": "0194ec302b83901eb8e932a85a4b1c4e"

Help me please?

Error about Linked Vids

Hi, @Paulo_Ricardo_Figuei.

That error basically indicates that the contact record you are attempting to update already has too many visitor identities associated with it. This generally indicates some runaway process that has associated too many vids to the same record.

What is your Hub ID? I'd like to take a closer look at those contact records.


Hi, @Isaac_Takushi.

ID Hub: 3960387


Thank you, @Paulo_Ricardo_Figuei.

I'm looking into this further with my team.


neither of the two contacts is in my hubspot contact base.


Correct, @Paulo_Ricardo_Figuei, but their email addresses are currently associated with a deleted contact. I'm trying to figure out a way to free up those email addresses so you can create new contacts with them. Thanks for your continued patience!