Error - handling request




We have done an integration with hubspot to create and update some contacts here in hubspot.
Everything is working for a couple of weeks, but i've noticed that sometimes we receive errors like this:

{"status":"error","message":"error handling request","correlationId":"55fe41c0-8975-48a3-8964-08a61e118805","requestId":"1eed0d05cb4dc5af01500966403d2057"}

i couldnt find any explanation about this error...

Any idea ?


Hi @rstuchi,

Can you give me more details on when you see this error? Is it a 5xx error? Are you generally seeing these errors when using a specific endpoint(s)?


Hello mate,

yes its a 500 error, and im seeing this error when i update contacts:

  • POST /contacts/v1/contact/vid/{id}/profile?hapikey=xxxxx

its odd because after some retries the request works well. So, its random but sometimes it works on first try, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 retries to work. (the same request, without changes)


Hi @rstuchi,

That's odd, but it's helpful to know the endpoint in question. A few other questions:

  1. Is the Content-type being explicitly set to application/json?
  2. Can you post a full example request (minus your hapikey) so that I can make sure everything looks correct?
  3. Do these errors occur in any particular situations? (e.g. during periods of high volume, when you make requests with certain email addresses, etc.)

If you have a particular recent example request that failed, I'd be happy to do some digging on my end as well to see what I can find.