Error: Insufficient Scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator



I am getting this Error, I have checked all Scopes are there. Still an issue:
Insufficient Scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator. content reports social automation timeline forms files hubdb transactional-email&redirect_uri=


Hi @mjuneja,

You should uncheck action forms, and also make sure that those spaces are URL encoded. Are you still seeing issues after trying that?


Now I am getting different error.
You do not have the correct role to grant these permissions. Please contact your administrator.
I think after unchecking action forms, i need to remove some parameter in scope too… but I am not sure which scopes are related to action forms that should be removed.


Worked with:

In Scopes I just passed contacts and automation


Hi @mjuneja,

I am experiencing the same error and following what you did. Unfortunately, I am still having the error.
Here is my URL

Can you please let me know what is causing of error?




I changed my app. Now its working. But what is exactly issue… I still
don’t know. And in scopes while creating URL just pass contacts and



Hey @erikrahman2000 ,

This specific error (Insufficient Scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator.) occurs when the scopes requested in the authorization URL don’t match up with the scopes checked off in the app’s settings. @mjuneja resolved this issue by un-checking some scopes that he wasn’t requesting in his authorization URL. You can either:

  1. Go into your app’s settings and uncheck any scopes you’re not requesting
  2. Add scopes to your authorization URL, so that you’re requesting all scopes that are checked off in your app’s settings


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Many thanks for your reply, it works now!

Best Regards,