Error message when uploading video to lead page



I am trying to upload a video on to a lead page (mp4) and I keep getting an error. Below is the message from support as they think I can get the help here that I need. Thanks in advance.

"I can see the error displayed by looking in the console when the video fails to upload (right click on the screen -> click Inspect -> click the console tab). The error says:

"No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 413."

It appears to be a permissions error, which leads me to believe something in the video's header is preventing it from successfully uploading. We can upload other videos successfully to your portal, so this is specific to this video/video file type, or the platform you are uploading it from.

Working with a developer or posting to our Developers forum for may be your best resource moving forward, since the video is causing an issue vs what I can troubleshoot with HubSpot's tools. We have a support force that monitors the Developer forum, and they may better be able to assist."


Hi @KatherineMoseley, that error normally happens when a resource is loaded over http, but you're on a secure (https) page. Are you looking at this page: If so, I do see the video there already present as you can see here: Did you happen to correct this already?


Hi @KatherineMoseley, just an update - I dug in and no longer need you to answer the questions above - apologies, I was a bit premature with my response. The video you're uploading to HubSpot is over 40 minutes long, so our APIs are timing out before the video has been uploaded. Since the video is 2.5 GB (really large), and must get uploaded at once, the API can't finish loading the video into the File Manager before erroring out. We are working on a solution that would upload massive videos in chunks, but do not have a timeline for that yet. I'd see if you're able to compress your video a bit so that the file is smaller, or cut down on the length of the video


Hi Connor,

We're not able to make the video shorter. By compressing - do you mean that if I reduce the quality the file will be smaller and therefore upload? Thanks so much.



Hey @KatherineMoseley, yes, by "compressing the video" I mean using another tool that would make your file a bit smaller and more manageable for HubSpot to upload. Oftentimes, this won't reduce quality. The other option would be to upload your file to an external CDN ( and embed your video into HubSpot that way. The vidyard integration wouldn't work with this method, but overall the integration isn't meant to support really large videos.