Error permissions on Edit Contacts


When i try to update a contact with the hubspot api i have this error
[status] => error
[message] => User **** does not have permissions on portal ***
[correlationId] => 1089a631-4ef4-4684-80f7-c3123ea462bc
[requestId] => 186751ee37cb1468207abbd4c90d07c1



Hi @darkvid,

Can you direct message me with the full request you’re making so that I can do some troubleshooting?


[status] => error
[message] => User 3627912 does not have permissions on portal 2094417
[correlationId] => 1089a631-4ef4-4684-80f7-c3123ea462bc
[requestId] => 186751ee37cb1468207abbd4c90d07c1


I can create but i can´t update


Hi, @Derek_Gervais please i need your response about this error cause i try all weekend and i can´t find a solution please your help


Hi @darkvid,

I need the full request URL and request body, not just the error message. Don’t include the access token / API key, since this topic is publicly visible.


Hi @Derek_Gervais this is the url

This data is only for a testing

and this is the body

{“properties”:[{“property”:“email”,“value”:“”},{“property”:“firstname”,“value”:“darkvid”},{“property”:“lastname”,“value”:“estrela”},{“property”:“phone”,“value”:“0983085320”},{“property”:“cuenta”,“value”:“P-101”},{“property”:“caducidad”,“value”:“1508341069000”},{“property”:“fecha_creacion”,“value”:“1508165075000”},{“property”:“genero”,“value”:“M”},{“property”:“sexo”,“value”:“M”},{“property”:“numero_interactivos”,“value”:0},{“property”:“numero_simuladores”,“value”:0},{“property”:“ultimo_login”,“value”:“000”},{“property”:“numero_login”,“value”:0},{“property”:“carrera”,“value”:“Aun no se”},{“property”:“company”,“value”:“”},{“property”:“address”,“value”:“Provincia de Pichincha”},{“property”:“city”,“value”:“Quito”},{“property”:“state”,“value”:“EC”},{“property”:“country”,“value”:“Ecuador”},{“property”:“id_cliente”,“value”:262970},{“property”:“ejercicios”,“value”:0},{“property”:“fundacion”,“value”:""},{“property”:“lifecyclestage”,“value”:“customer”},{“property”:“ciclo”,“value”:“Costa”}]}

its also test data



Hi @darkvid,

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the delay. Based on that request information, the request should be successful. Can you direct message me with the API key you’re using, and the full error response body you see after making that request?


Hi Derek, i just do all test the integration with hubspot and i try to renew the access token when i try in the hubspot page i saw this error

If you review the coments i said "i can create but i can´t update". I don't know if this is the error



HI @darkvid,

That error usually appears when there’s a difference between the redirect_uri in your URL to initiate the OAuth connection vs. the one in your request to get access/refresh tokens. The developer docs below discuss getting access/refresh tokens.


Thanks for your time Derek but I decided, since this was way was taking to long. to change the way that i authenticate the api and it works now. Thanks anyway.

Best regards