Error Please Help


Please help it does give me details[email]/?hapikey=[hapikey]


Hi @Paul_Rivera,

What is the status code of the response? How are you making the request?


Hello @Derek_Gervais,
Thank you for the quick respond. I already found a solution on it.
I have another problem. I want to get all the owners data by this link[myhapikey]
But the problem I can only see my account and not all the owners.
My goal trying to do is to assign leads to each owners from our own way of assigning leads.
Can you help me to find out the full solution to make it working. Thank you!


Hi @Paul_Rivera,

I’m not sure what you mean. The owners endpoint will return all the owners in a portal; are you only seeing a single owner? Are you using the hapikey from your Marketing/CRM portal? It sounds like you might be using your developer portal hapikey instead


Thanks @Derek_Gervais, where can I find the right hapikey to see all the owners?


Hi @Paul_Rivera,

You need the hapikey from your Marketing/CRM portal; the Knowledge Base article below has instructions on finding that.