Error scope ticket through API


Hello, I have an account with the following subscriptions "sales free" "service free" "marketing free", I already create a pipeline and I am trying to add a ticket through API. I use the following url but I get the following answer {"status": "error", "message": "Must have scope TICKETS_WRITE "," correlationId ":" 62a84c30-647c-46c9-9378-aa02a6b5a363 "," requestId ":" 70ec869c457f0689477e8c4f343c572e "}
From a free subscription can I create tickets through the API?
Thank you


Welcome, @gabriel_perez!

You should be able to create tickets via the API with a Service Hub Free account; I tested and confirmed just now in another free account.

What is your Hub ID? I would like to investigate this further.


hello Isaac, thank you very much for answering, my Hub ID is 2521754. Thank you very much


Hi @gabriel_perez,

I appreciate your patience while I was out of office over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I successfully created this ticket using your account's API key, so I think the issue may be your user permissions rather than the Tickets API or your key.

Can you confirm which permissions your user has to tickets? Per the screenshot below, you must have full access to tickets to create them via the Tickets API: