Error submitting form from API


We have a form on our web server that submits to Hubspot via the API from a php file. This code has been in existence for two years. We are now receiving an error in the browser after submit that says “Could not resolve host:; Unknown error0 Failure”. I am not seeing any errors in the server error logs. Any ideas? Is there anywhere else I can look for further information as to what the error is?

Follow Up: This may be a network issue on our side. I just became aware of a large number of broken links on our website, each of which are going to external sites. I was able to get to some of them, but it took a very long time for the external site to render. Could the connection to be timing out?


Hi @trolf

That error message sounds like a DNS issue. Has the network setup or settings of your server changed recently?


I actually just got off the phone with our IT group. I agree. I now think this is a DNS/network issue on our end, especially since we are getting broken links from the website that really aren’t broken. Our website just can’t get out to them. Thanks for your reply. It helps support my theory.


This has been confirmed to be an internal DNS/Network issue. Changes made by IT on Monday were backed out, and everything is working again.


Hi @trolf, what steps did you take to resolve this issue? I’m working with a HubSpot customer who is having a similar issue with the Forms API not working after switching his DNS provider.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

For context, here’s a link to a new thread he created on this topic: Hubspot Forms using API not Working Since Move