Error when Sales Object has Link attribute with a non http(s) url scheme



On most operating systems, local applications can register custom url schemes with the OS so that custom url's embedded in web pages, etc are able to launch a native application.

An example of this is the mailto url scheme. Another example is a rapid application dev tool called FileMaker(FM). FM has been around on Mac's and PC's for quite some time (20 years?).
FileMaker registers "fmp:" as an internet protocol on Windows and Macs, such that when a url such as "fmp://internal-server.local/orders?script=getOrder&param=999" is clicked - it launches the Filemaker native app, which then interprets the url and performs the appropriate action.

We would like to leverage the Link attribute of various crm extension object types to use these custom urls... but it appears the crm extensions server side does not like non http(s) urls.

Here is an example of a Link attribute on the Data Fetch Request response that causes a "Sorry, but there's been an error loading the Object Test extension. Please try again or contact Support." in the hubspot front end...
"results": [
"objectId": 999,
"title": "Test",
"link": "fmp://"

If we change the fmp in the link attribute to http, it works.


Hey, @Chadical.

Thanks for bringing this up! While I am almost certain this is expected behavior at this time, I certainly see utility in being able to use non-HTTPS addresses as a sales object's link value.

I'd like to share this feedback with the relevant product team, but would you also mind posting a feature request on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum ? The product teams regularly monitor posts and generally prioritize ideas which have the most engagement from and greatest potential impact on users. If you share the link in this thread, I'll be happy to upvote it.


Hey, @Chadical.

We'd like to investigate this behavior a bit more. Could you share the following?

  • Your app ID.
  • The Hub ID of an account where you have installed your app.
  • A link to a contact, company, or deal record with an associated sales object which has a (broken) non-HTTPS link value.
  • A link to a contact, company, or deal record with an associated sales object which has a (working) HTTPS link value.


Hey Isaac-
fyi- I've implemented a work-around for this... I just return valid https urls that point back to specific endpoints on our enterprise service bus. Those endpoints just do a 302 redirect to the fmp url.

But, I appreciate that you are looking into this...

App ID: 179085
CRM Ext ID: 97826
Hub ID: 3074183
Deal with sales object with non-https value:
Deal with sales object with https value: