Error when trying to use oAuth2 access token


We are having issues with upgrading to the oAuth2. Everything works to the point of receiving the access token, we receive both the access, and the refresh tokens. However, when using that token, we receive an error, stating the token doesn’t exist. Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is the data containing the error.
array(4) { [“status”]=> string(5) “error” [“message”]=> string(98) “access_token (CJ_7nsb7KhICWwEY05-eASCTxnko0JoCMhkAv8mvqReZp43tzbmtEgr0pSRRBenVvkuI) doesn’t exist!” [“correlationId”]=> string(36) “ebab9be5-36ed-4411-b5aa-d7365c7cd88f” [“requestId”]=> string(36) “021968f7-4fc3-4de0-b7e2-04a19ef304dc” }


Hi @Sergey_Grigoryan,

Please ensure that you’re inserting the token within the header of the relevant request, not passing it as a URL parameter. The header format should be Authorization: Bearer {token}.

Please see here for more information.

Please let me know if this solves the issue or not.