Error with recently updated contacts endpoint



I’m having issues with this endpoint:

/contacts/v1/lists/recently_updated/contacts/recent (

and was wondering if anyone could offer any advice.

The issue:

I am able to pull data for about roughly 40-50,000 contacts from this endpoint before I hit the following error:

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“could not find last modified date for {} [012345(this isn’t the exact vid and has been obfuscated to protect client data)]”,“correlationId”:,“requestId”:}

I eventually pulled all contact information from the following endpoint: /contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/all (

After reading the data into a dataframe and having dateparsing fail, I looked through the rows of the dataframe, and the error was coming from a vid with the same value as the [012345] in the error message above. Upon further inspection, it appears that this particular vid had no lastmodifieddate, but the rest of them did.

I was wondering if there was a way to still get all of the recently updated contacts while cycling through the recent contacts endpoint without triggering this error.

This is the set of parameters that was used:

parameters = {
‘access_token’: <access_token>,
‘count’: 100,
‘timeOffset’: 1467765450668,

with these values being set in the manner described here (

Any advice that you could offer would be great! Thanks for the help!


Hi, Alight_Analytics, we have a similar issue while calling /contacts/v1/lists/recently_updated/contacts/recent, looking forward for any info from Hubspot guys.



Hi there,

We had an issue where some records were deleted accidentally in some portals. The contacts have been restored, but in some cases there were issues with duplicate contacts being created. The issue you’re seeing is related to the deletion and subsequent recreation.

These fixes are the top priority for the Contacts team, and you can look for status updates here:

The related incident occurred on July 2.