Error with token scope


We’ve been proving an integration Aplication with oAuth 2.0 with reading access to the contact, deals and deal pipelines API’s using tokens with the CONTACT SCOPE
until then everything was working all right, but now (sunday), we only have access to the contacts API but we are misleading the Deals and deal pipelines’ tokens return, getting the following error message:

{ "status": "error", "message": "This oauth-token (CNHcrueMKxICAQEYhMumASDitbQBKLenAjIZACNbiDaJWG2OlBHFICkqFM4eGVUSHjF85Q) does not have proper permissions! (cannot access an unscoped endpoint)", "correlationId": "aacd65ba-7d09-4e09-8eb0-d5a39571beb4", "requestId": "1956a64b-0518-4a88-8c85-954f0f3b01d0" }


Hi @alexech1989

We just pushed a fix for this a few minutes ago, and you should be able to access the Deals APIs using Oauth2 again, sorry for the inconvenience here.