Error: You have reached your secondly limit


Been getting this error over the past day when trying to update contacts. What is it? Too many requests in a second? The requests fired around the same time should have just been two find contact requests before the update.


Same problem, I know my requests are not over rate limit… let me know if you figured it out.



We’ve been seeing these errors, too. How do you know your requests are not over the limit?




Hi All,

We rolled out rate limiting on our APIs on Monday that limit calls to 10/sec. You’ll need to throttle your calls to prevent going over that limit. Please note that unlike hitting a daily limit, you may try the request again after waiting 1 second.



Also, if you're a HubSpot customer and this is getting in the way of an existing business process, PM me and we can provide more immediate help.

UPDATE: This post is from back when we first introduced the 10/second limit. Now that the limit is well-established it is a fixed limit that cannot be changed. The purpose of this limit is to ensure that our APIs remain available and responsive for all customers.


Hi Paul,

I can’t PM you (or rather im too stupid to) but maybe we can have a chat about this. Occasionally affiliates send over new customers/leads in bulk, which we then add as contacts in hubspot in bulk.

It would be great if you could get in touch about how best to manage this.



Same problem as well. This just started happening on 7-26 and is now occurring daily during our batch update process. Please advise.


We are a Customer. The issues is with extracting data, updating seems ok for now. Started 7/26 having a few issues. Has been getting progressively worse. Please let me know if there is a more formal Ticket request mechanism. thanks - Hugh


What is the HTTP Error Code associated with the Message.


Hello - the error is 429. Now getting Update 429 errors (back feed to HS) also. please email me at to help resolve.