Event completions are not registering on contact timelines


Hello there!

I have a custom event that is firing inconsistently, and appearing on some contacts’ timelines but not on others.

We use the HTTP API and we curl to the correct endpoint and we pass through the email of the user. The event is fired for anyone who completes our product signup process, and I have a number of contacts that I know for a fact have completed our signup flow, but have not fired the event.

What additional information do you need to get to the bottom of this? I have a number of contacts I can give as examples if need be.

Many thanks!


Hi @cyellowleesbound

Are you seeing this problem with all contacts that should have completed the event, or just some of them? Can you send me a few example contacts (including a contact that worked correctly if you have one), and the HTTP API URLs that you’re using for those contacts? You can send them to me via direct message if you need to.


Hi @dadams

Just some of them, oddly. I’ve sent the information that you’ve requested via a DM.