Event on Book a Meeting with Google Analytics




We use the tool BOOK A MEETING from HUBSPOT on our webiste.
This tool doesn’t contain an event to track the lead in Google Analytics and/or Data Studio.
Unable to measure the conversion which is a huge huge problem.

Can HUBSPOT fix this issue ASAP ?
We guess we are many to meet the same issue.



Hi @Michael_Shiftmeapp,

If you have the inclination, I would definitely encourage you to check out the Ideas Forum on the HubSpot Community. There, you can post/vote on ideas for the product to be seen by HubSpotters, partners, and other customers alike.




For Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, it is essential to track events or thank you page redirect/destination page views as conversions/goals to measure ROI and optimise.

The event of submitted form OR and auto-redirect to a thank you page.

If the key event being optimised for is booking a meeting on the website- then it is vital for this to be available in AdWords, Analytics and Facebook Ads.

Can you advise,