Events don't appear in Reports


There is some sort of an issue with our sandbox account. We had a bunch of events there (I could see them in Reports/Events), but now they all disappeared. If I try to send an event using HubSpot Events HTTP API with the event name that I was using before, then it does not show up in reports, however if I use the name that has never been used before, then the event will show up in reports correctly.

Here is what I think has triggered this behaviour. There was a moment when the sandbox account expired and disappeared from our account. We contacted support and that account was restored and renewed. Few days later we’ve noticed that all events that we had there before have disappeared.

Could someone from HubSpot help to resolve the issue? Thanks.


Hi @OlegKhasimkhanov

Can you send me the Hub ID this is for? Is there a specific event name that you’re using for this? If the event was deleted, using the same name again would not recreate a new event with the same name, or restore a deleted event.


Hi @dadams

Thank you for the clarification. I don’t think anyone deleted those events. The Hub ID is 2939619. There are about 10 events that have disappeared. As an example one of them is called subCompanyCreated .


Hi @dadams

Did you have a chance to look at what’s going on with our account? This issue is currently blocking our development. We literally sitting and waiting on HubSpot to help us with the issue. Thanks.


There is an event named subCompanyCreated that has been deleted, and it has now been restored. Even if the events weren’t manually deleted, it’s likely they were deleted when the account expired.

All in all there are about 100 deleted events on the portal, but if you can give me a list of names we should be able to restore them.


Hi @dadams

Here is the list:


Thank you!


@OlegKhasimkhanov those 10 events have also been restored.


@dadams That is wonderful news. Thank you so much!!!