Events & Events API Capabilities


We are looking at starting to use more trigger based emails for cart abandonment, product abandonment, etc. We are hoping there’s a way we can leverage HubSpot to do this. From my understanding, Events should allow us to create the “event” on our site which can be pulled into list criteria in the HubSpot portal. From there, we should be able to send out triggered emails when a contact joins said list. Is this accurate?

Then, I am trying to understand the specific advantages to using the Events API. From what I read on the developer site, it looks like it allows for the tracking of Events. But isn’t this something you can already essentially do using a list? What exactly does implementing the Events API allow you to do that is such a value add? Are we able to conduct triggered emails using Events without the Events API?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @lekieck

You are correct. You can build smart lists to include contacts that have completed an event, and that list could be used to trigger a workflow which sends the email. If you’re looking to have the workflow trigger multiple times (each time they complete the event), you’ll need to use the event as the criteria for the workflow (instead of a list), and make sure that you change the workflow setting to allow contacts to enroll each time they are eligible.

The Events API allows you to have more customized control for firing events. HubSpot has built in event triggers that can be set for viewing a page, or clicking on an element, but the JavaScript API would allow you to programmatically trigger an event using any login you want by using JavaScript on your pages, and the HTTP API would allow you to trigger an event from a server-side process.