Events from Custom Form tracking Completions but not individual Contacts



Here is my current setup:

  • I have two custom forms on a WordPress page.
    • On page load the 2nd form is hidden.
  • The first form displays some instructional text and asks for an Email Address and a Zip Code.
    • On submit of the first form the page stays the same, the first form is hidden and the 2nd form is displayed.
  • The second form displays more instructional text and asks for a Phone Number
    • On submit of the second form
      • The action calls the user via a service called MobileCommons
      • An Event is triggered in HubSpot based on the ID of the submit button

Unfortunately, when I go to create a list of Contacts that completed the Event there are no results. So it seems that HubSpot is really only aware of clicking the button, not any of the data collected on the three fields prior. Is there an easy way to create/update a Contact based on the Email / Zip Code / Phone Number and recognize that they completed the Phone Call Event?


Hi @Sheridan_Gray

Tracking an event based on clicking the submit button will only track the event itself, it will not automatically grab the data for the form and send those details with the event. If you want to include the data from the form with the event, you would need to build a custom event that collects the data, pushes that data as identities for the visitor, then track the event:

Alternatively, you could also use the Forms API to send the form data to HubSpot as a form submission instead of as an event: