Events HTTP API call shows event in Hubspot Dashboard but miss other details


I am sending a GET request using the below url<test%40email>&module=
Response is 200.

However when I login into hubspot dashboard it shows created with no contact or metadata captured. Any idea as to why it would be happening?


Hi @pgarg,

Just to make sure that we’re on the same page, are you not seeing the contact being created in your portal? Or is the contact being created without any contact properties? It would be helpful to understand how you’re using the method.


The contact exists but I am not seeing which contact created the event in the events log and what other information was passed in that event. So in my example when a prospective-customer clicks on a request-demo button, I fire an event including the module page (like admin, help, reports, etc) info.
This information I am not able to see in the Reports->Events.
Just see there are x number of events that completed nothing more about who completed and where they requested the event from.


Hi @pgarg,

The events report only has high-level reporting information, like the number of events and the value of those events (if value is included in the event). You can create lists based on those events in the lists tool, and see the individual events on the contact timeline of contacts who have completed the events.


@Derek_Gervais thanks I can see the contacts who created the events, is there a way to see the metadata sent with the event along with the number of events done by individual contacts?


Hi @pgarg,

You can use the ‘Number of event completions’ property to track the total number of events a contact has completed, and the ‘Event Revenue’ property to track the total revenue of these events (if revenue was included). Any property data sent with the event will update the corresponding contact properties.