Events HTTP API Stopped working for new events


We’ve integrated with the events HTTP API whereby we’re constructing and opening a URL like “”, and receiving a 200 response consistently.

Until very recently, when one of these events was reported, it would create the event (if necessary), and report it as expected. Now, it does not. Older events seem to still be reported, but new events are not.

What changed?


@cbattles there haven’t been any recent changes to events, including how events are processed or being able to dynamically create new events by name. Do you have an example of the URL you’re using for this? The _n and _a parameters should have underscores in them but they’re missing in the example URL you have here.


@dadams Sorry, I copied and pasted from your docs (and added the sample event name), I’m not sure how I lost the underscores.

Here’s an actual URL as constructed by our app: “

As I mentioned, some events have always [and continue] to work as expected and others just don’t, but we see a 200 response on everything across the board. The only consistent thread seems to be events that haven’t weren’t created as of a while ago are no longer newly created. We assumed that they just hadn’t occurred until recently, and thus weren’t being dynamically generated, but it could just be that your API doesn’t like these events for some reason.


@dadams – Apparently, every time I submit a reply, it removes the underscores. I’m trying again with some different formatting options.


That example looks ok to me, and is working for me as well when I test that URL with a test account.

I’ll need some other details for this, I’ll reach out to you directly.


I'm having the exact same issue!

I have an old event that is still working normaly, but my new events don't...
Just as @cbattles, I'm sending a GET request to and although there is a 200 status response, nothing appears in my hubspot events dashboard.

How can I solve this issue?


Welcome, @leticiaCosta!

Happy to help. Could you share the actual request URL you are using? I'll need to know the true Hub ID (_a) and event ID (_n) you are attempting to use.

Also, if you're not using, could you send me a link to the contact record in your account which you are trying to tie the event completion to?