Events HTTP API stopped working receiving 200 OK


We have the same issue as CBattles reported. We were creating events on existing contacts just fine in test and it all of a sudden quit working. I’m still getting the 200 ok repsonse though. Here is the URL



Are you seeing the event completions at all in the event report? You should be able to see the events in close to real-time using the activity log linked in the left sidebar when viewing the report for the event.


Same situation here.

The request’s response code is 200.

It does create new contact when added to query, but it does not register the event itself in some way.

I tried both using JS and using HTTP (via CURL and PHP) with same results.

Now, the activity log does show direct accesses but still it does not count event completions and such.

Any ideas?


Okay, now the numbers came.

Is there a database delay in querying completions, contacts, customers in events table view?


@Rambo the report for the event does not update in real time. You can see the current delay for the report at the bottom of the left sidebar when viewing the report.


In rendered Events I can see the event being passed but the customer record is never updated.