Events Javascript API - Multiple Trackers Issue


Hi our company is using the Events Javascript API in our application for firing custom events into Hubspot. Our tracker was working fine until Friday when we started receiving the following error response:
“Found multiple instances of the tracking code. Preventing additional tracker.”

We load the tracker like we do many others on our site - the script tag only appears ones in our source, but the tracker URL actually embeds other trackers that seem to be conflicting. Has anyone else had this problem, or know how we can resolve it? Most of our automations rely on the successful firing of these events so we’re kind of stuck.

For example, this is script that we’re adding via our code base:{HubID}.js
but if you open that file, it’s embedding this javascript file:{HubID}.js
which loads these two other javascript files:{HubID}.js{HubID}.js

Thanks in advance!


Hi @melissaceltx

Is there an example page I could take a look at where you’re seeing this? Are you seeing problems with the events not firing or being recorded in HubSpot?

The HubSpot tracking code may include multiple .js files, depending on the options you have enabled for your account, but there shouldn’t be any conflicts between those. The tracking code will detect if another HubSpot tracker has already been created, and instead of creating a second tracker, it will reuse the existing tracker, but the tracker should still function and any events you push to _hsq should be recorded.


Hi @dadams,

The trackers are loading on our website:, but also in application (you can see by creating a free account, or going to
When I open the Chrome developer tools and checkout the sources, under the I see the error I had listed.