Events reports are not updated


I am trying to use the Events JavaScript API on my site.

Events are being sent by using default Hubspot tracking library and executing commands like:

_hsq.push(["trackEvent", {
    id: 'my_event_name'
    // or id: '0000xxxxxxxxx' with event id

It seems like it’s working: there is a successful request to with my hubspot ID and event ID on each event.

But nothing is changing in your events reports tool. Shortly after I started testing my event, completions stats for this event were updated (although they contained some extra hits I didn’t made while testing), and after that there were no single update since for days, even though it says the stats are updated each 1–3 hours.
During this time I also tried to track this event again and create new ones, but there were no update or event creation.


You can see real time data for the event using the activity log, linked in the left sidebar when viewing an event (though this can still take a few seconds).

Events are subject to any IP filters you have set up in your Reports > Reports Settings, so if you’re testing from a filtered IP, those tests would also be filtered out, including being filtered out of the activity log.

If you’re not testing from a filtered IP, and you’re still not seeing anything in the activity log or other stats, can you message me with your Hub ID and the event ID you’re working with?


Thanks for your help. There was indeed a misconfiguration with IP filters, and after changing that setting everything is working as intended.