Events suddenly disappeared


We are working on integrating an app for tracking Downloads from a website in contacts timeline of the customer. Everything worked great in our Sandbox Hub (4769086).

Today we installed the app in the live hub (4455034) and sent some test events via console and saw, that the timestamps weren't correct. So we sent new events and set the timestamp in the curl call manually, but suddenly all entries in the timelines (new and old events) do not show up anymore. The app does show up under integrations and we can set the filters but no events are visible. This also effects the Sandbox Hub with all prior and new events.

Here is an example of how we send an event (XXXX are replacements):

curl.exe -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxx" -d '{
"id": "001-001001",
"eventTypeId": 27114,
"Link": "xxxlinkxxx",
"email": "xxxemailxxx",
"Zeitpunkt": 1533541100,
"timestamp": 1533541100
}' ''

Can some tell me, what is happening there?

Thank you!
Kind regards,

PS: The events show up under the observer tab of the developer portal of the app - so they are sent successfully.


Hi @johannesress,

First thing that comes to mind is that those timestamps are improperly formatted; timestamps in HubSpot are formatted in milliseconds, not seconds. Is it possible that all the events 'vanished' because they're all set to Jan 1st 1970? If not, can you send me the Hub ID of your dev portal so that I can take a closer look?


Thanks for your Feedback - this solved the issue for new entries.

I still don't understand, why older entries - that where previously visible with a date in July (I didn't set the timestamp manually for those) have disappeared. I am a bit afraid, that other entries will also disappear in the future.


Hi @johannesress,

That's a good question. I'm thinking maybe they were updated with a malformed timestamp, and 'disappeared' back in time to 1970? This would cause them to 'vanish' from sight, unless you scrolled all the way down to the very very bottom of the timeline.