Excluding traffic from customers who visit homepage and login into portal


I have a client who has a WP website and a button in the top menu bar to take customers to their online portal. The challenge is that they are getting alot of traffic from customers who bookmark the homepage to get to the portal and its skewing conversion numbers from prospect visitors. I want to exclude this traffic somehow from reporting - any ideas on how to do this in Hubspot?

I thought of making the button a Hubspot CTA but I can't combine this activity as part of a report.


Hi @IndigoSteve,

There isn't really a great way to filter those visits from analytics reporting, since it's indistinguishable from prospect traffic. If the login button takes visitors to a login page, you can compare the traffic reports for both the homepage and login page to look for overlap. Your CTA idea would likely work too; while you can't combine the CTA info and homepage traffic info into a single report by default, you could essentially subtract the number of CTA clicks from your homepage to get an idea for how many visitors are navigating to the login.