Export all form submission per contact



I would like to export all form submissions from all contacts in my Hubspot portal. By default only the first and recent conversion are available as fields (properties).

For instance:

If a contact has done '' 10 form submissions ''. Then I can only export form submission # 1 (first) and form submission # 10 (recent), but not form submission # 2- # 9.

Who has an easy solution (without APIs)?



Hi @GuidoBruijn,

You can export all submissions for a given form from the UI as well as export the history of the Recent conversion property, however it is not currently possible to export all form submissions for a given contact.

Here are some similar topics:

As I note in the second topic, I encourage you to upvote and comment on this feature request if you would like to have the ability to GET raw form submission data for a given contact through the API.