Export of Recipient List via an API



I am looking to export Marketing > Email > click on a particular email > Export > Recipient List.
Can it be done with an API call as we have a long list of Email since 2012 till present.
It can be done from the Hubspot UI by going into each Email and then exporting the recipient list.
Please let me know which API can be used to get the same data?


Hi @dbhatia, welcome! You should be able to use this endpoint to GET email events. In this case, you'd be looking for email sends, so you can specify that in the url, then grab the recipients from the returned JSON data. Since you can get only 1000 events at a time, you'll need to page through the events using the hasMore and offset properties to get all recipients.

Here's an example GET request: email/public/v1/events?hapikey={redacted}&campaignId=53958459&limit=1000&eventType=SENT

The campaign IDs of your emails can be found via this endpoint: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/email/get_campaigns_by_id