Export to csv or get by API campaigns insights


Hey There,

I’m new to HubSpot and I would love to know what is the way, if any, to integrate our client HubSpot with our personalize text prediction algorithm (currently function as rest api - saas service).

In a matter to predict texts that will create reaction to a contact we should have his historical reactions to old texts that sent to him via HubSpot (Emails, Notifications, etc…).

Is there any way to read the information from HubSpot using some API? or at least option to export this information to csv?

I’ll appreciate any answer or directions to find answers to my questions.

Thank you,


@eli What sort of data are you looking to pull from HubSpot? Have you looked at our dev docs?


Hey @pmanca, Yes I have looked but couldn’t find the way.
I need to know the action made by the contact based on some texts that sent to him.

For example, for emails campaign I have to know if the contact opened the email, if any link inside of it, if he clicked on it, if any sale proposition inside the email / landing page if he purchased.

I’m not familiar with HubSpot and I might confuse some terms.

Please let me know if I made my question clearer.

Thank you!


@eli Are you trying to store that information on a different system in addition to HubSpot? You can handle some of that using a webhook and a workflow in the UI.


Hey @pmanca
I have to process the information inside our algorithm, as I can imagine webhook is for future campaigns, but I’m looking for historical data.

If I compare that to mailchimp system for each news letter the marketer sent he get statistics from the platform who opened the email who clicked on links inside of it etc.

does HubSpot have the same mechanism?