Exporting Contact URL


Is there a way to export the Contact URLs? Looking to use it as a a reference in a CRM system that does not integrate currently with HubSpot


Hi @RichardH,

There isn’t currently any built in functionality to export contact URLs. If you can expect the user in your external CRM to have access to HubSpot, you can construct the URLs by adding the contact’s vid to the base URL in the HubSpot UI. (e.g. https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/:hubid/contact/:vid/)


Thanks for the reply. Yes, we would like for someone with access to HubSpot to be able to click on a URL stored on a record in another system to access the contact in HubSpot.

This is all totally new to me, so to clarify … we would use the Contact API to return the VID values and then append that to the base URL?


Hi @RichardH,

Yes, that’s the case. The :hubid term should be replaced with your Hub ID, and the :vid term should be replaced with the vid of the contact in question. So long as the person clicking the link is a user with access to contacts, they’ll be able to view the contact record in HubSpot.