External form not always loading


I have two forms that we our using in a pop-up/modal via Optinmonster. We are noticing that the embedded form doesn’t load in our pop-up quite often. This is happening on 2 different url’s with different forms.

Form names:

I’m using the target attribute to get the form to display in the desired location of the HTML.

My guess is the form calling process is dropping for some reason, any ideas on why the form doesn’t always load with the pop-up?



Hi @Pellis

Is the hbspt.forms.create() call for the form being made before the HTML for the popup is added to the page? Or is the HTML of the popup changing before it’s being displayed? The form would only be rendered into the target element when that function call is made, so if the element doesn’t exist yet, or if the contents of the element are modified, the form would not be rendered again on those changes.


Hi @dadams that makes sense, I’ll give that a shot. Thanks