External website integration with HubSpot Blog


Dear Hubspot support team,

Until now we have been using HubSpot's blog-system successfully having our blog content accessible through blog.domain (our website's sub domain).

We recently decided that we want our HubSpot-blog's content to be served through our external website.


  1. We implemented a script that integrates with our HubSpot-Blog's content through the HubSpot-API.
    As our website is based on a MVC-framework, the URLs that are generated from our integration-script are as follows:


  1. The next action we did was to disconnect the existing subdomain "blog.domain" from HubSpot COS Domains panel and handle the request in our apache-server.

The issue we are now facing is that we cannot get any analytics for our blog-posts in the backend of hubspot.

Is that happening because we are somehow bypassing the routing process of HubSpot?

If yes, what would be the best approach to achieve what we want, so that visitors will be able to access our HubSpot-Blog's content only through our external website and under specific URLs, without losing HubSpot analytics capability (views, campaigns etc.)?

Could you help us set up a proper HubSpot Blog configuration so that we don't lose any of its functionality?

As this matter is urgent for us, we would really appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @dimitrisor,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, you're using the HubSpot blog backend, but you're not actually hosting the live blog on a HubSpot domain? The majority of blog analytics come from the HubSpot tracking code and other tracking features that are included on a HubSpot hosted blog site. It's not possible to fully replicate this on an externally hosted website, since you'll be missing some key functionality provided by our built-in analytics tracking.

The closest you'd be able to get would be including the HubSpot tracking code on all of these external pages. This would provide visitor tracking and other info, but it wouldn't populate a lot of the blog-specific analytics (since we don't know it's a blog).