Extract a piece of property


Good Morning
Doe's anybody knows if I can extract a piece of any property acquired on a contact form?

For example
I collect a property called Post URL
and the value collected is:

I need to extract the last numeric part. I need to create a new property inside hubspot called URL number which value be 002345

Anyone, knows if I can do it or how I can do it?


Welcome, @Alex_Dodero,

While it's not possible to accomplish this natively within HubSpot, you could use an external app to extract the number from the URL and pass it to a contact property.

For example:

  1. Visitor submits the form.
  2. The Post URL value is passed to your external app (and maybe HubSpot too if you're using a native form or the Forms API).
  3. Your app extracts the ID from the URL with a regular expression (see this Stack Overflow discussion) or with another method such as this.
  4. You pass this ID to the corresponding HubSpot contact property with the Contacts API or Forms API.