Extract "entered deal stage" data via API




The HS Service told me that one cannot extract “entered deal stage” data information from Hubspot, as these aren’t Deal properties, but “information stored on the back end of the deal record”. I would like to run cohorts based on these information, preferably within Slemma.

Do you have tips how to do that?


Hi @Recruit,

Support was correct; there isn’t an ‘Entered deal stage’ deal property that keeps track of when a deal has entered a particular stage. What you might consider doing is to use the Deals API to get a deal, and include the dealstage property. The timestamp field is the date/time the dealstage property was set to it’s current value, which you could use as the date/time the deal ‘entered’ that stage.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,
Thanks for that note. I'm interested in calculating entered deal stage as well, but for a slightly different purpose.

I'm building a report on the # SQLs created in a month, where SQL is a dealstage value. Specifically, I'm interested in all SQLs created in a specific month, regardless of the current dealstage value of the Deal (e.g. a Deal could be Closed Won by the end of the month but still needs to be counted).

Is there a way to retrieve the dealstage history, rather than just the current status?


@peter.strik did you perhaps find a solution for this? I'm creating SQL query to show deals entered in sample stage for specific stage to no avail. I've used above tip but it doesnt show perfect numbers.


Hi, all.

Apologies for the delayed response, @peter.strik. This topic fell through the cracks. It is possible to retrieve the dealstage property history:

  • If you're using the Get all deals endpoint, include the query parameter propertiesWithHistory=dealstage in your request.
  • If you're using the Get a deal endpoint, include the query parameter includePropertyVersions=true.

Welcome, @Matija_Ziberna! Let me know if the above methods work for you.