Extremely frequent 502 (bad gateway) responses


I’m experiencing numerous 502 responses from the Hubspot while trying to sync contacts and companies, seemingly at random. This is from London (Rackspace LON5), getting Cloudflare’s 502 response (with text/html content). I can do some work to retry failed requests automatically, but I find that it fails too often to do a meaningful work around.

This is from an in-house application,with an API integration authenticated with OAuth2.



As suspected, even with a limiter (I now had it set to at most 2 requests / second) it returns a 502 response after only a few requests, consistently. Any feedback?


We do experience the same


Us too. It’s been broken since the 4th of January from requests made from the UK.

This is extremely service affecting for us.


Hi all,

Apologies for the radio silence here. We’ve identified the issue and have pushed out a fix. You shouldn’t be seeing unclear 502 errors going forward. Feel free to bump this post if you continue to experience frequent, consistent 502 errors.


Indeed, I didn’t get any 502 since. But I’m getting 504, about 10 in the last 60 hours.


We are also getting 502/504 timeouts from multiple clients.


Hey all,

I can’t confirm whether or not those errors are related without some more information on the requests being made and what exactly you’re seeing in the error response. You might also consider creating a new topic so that I can troubleshoot the issue(s) separately.


These errors have reduced for us, and have not seen it since the 16th of this Month (but were consistent/ prominent starting the 8th of Jan)


Seems to have been fixed within the past few days, 502s occur relatively rarely now. Thank you.