Facebook Lead Ad to HubSpot Form via Zapier - Setting source to Paid Social


Is there a way to set the Original Source Type of a HubSpot Contact to “Paid Social”, when the contact is created from a Facebook Lead Ad and passed to a HubSpot form via the Zapier integration? We cannot use HubSpot’s Ads Add-On for a variety of reasons, so that is not an option either.

Is it possible to code the values using “Actions” in the zap? Original Source Type, and Original Source Data 1 & 2, are HubSpot Analytics properties and set by the system, so workflow in HS is not possible either. We’re wanting our Source Reports to be accurate and I’m at a loss for a fix. The last thing I want is to add a new field to band-aid the problem.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @ceddy,

If the contacts are being created via a HubSpot form, it’s not possible to bucket them under Paid Social. The full bucketing rules are listed in the following Knowledge Base article:



Then is there a way to set the Source value using a tracking URL?

I cannot seem to find a way to set a unique form URL from Facebook to HubSpot using Zapier. Is there a way to change, hard code or update, the form url to be something like, “…facebook.com/…utm_source=social&utm_medium=paid…”? Because no Source or Medium is being passed with the form submissions, the default value of Direct_Traffic is set.

Thanks in advance


Hi @ceddy,

The original source property looks at the contact’s ‘First Page Seen’ URL for this information, not the form URL. This information is pulled from the earliest hubspotutk cookie associated with the contact, and the hubspotutk token is associated with the contact when they submit a form. In order for the Original Source properties to be set properly for these contacts, you’ll need to pass the token value along in the hs_context parameter of the form submission.

Note that it’s not possible to force the ‘First Page Seen’ value to accept a particular value. A contact who first visited your website via organic search, but later converted on a Facebook lead ad would be bucketed under ‘Organic Search’, since that was their original interaction with your website.

Here’s a doc on the forms API, which has some more details on the hs_context parameter: