Fail to pull contact values from personalization tokens sporadically


I created a website with the feature that customers enter their emails, sign in then display their contact value through personalization token by form submission. However, they failed to pull contact values sometimes.

“Sometimes” means same customer email fails to pull contact value this time, but succeeds to pull contact value next time after clearing all cache. is the page. After signing in with

We will expect to see
Wilson Lyu (This is personalization tokens {{contact.firstname}} {{contact.lastname}}), Your Loan Tracker status will updated every 2 hours.

But sometimes, we will see
Dear Valued Customer , Your Loan Tracker status will updated every 2 hours.
(It failed to pull personalization tokens {{contact.firstname}} {{contact.lastname}})

Appreciate for any help, thanks


Hi @wlyu9248,

Personalization tokens will not populate on thank you pages (or any page reached directly after submitting a form) with new information gathered from the form. This is because in order for personalization token information to populate in smart content on a page, the form submission must be processed and applied to the contact record. This happens quickly, but not as quickly as the redirect. You could try other methods for creating personalized content on a page following a form submission, like the methods detailed in the following topic: