Fetching Contact properties of Newly created contacts or updated contacts



I know Hubspot has this 2 apis for fetching properties:


But What I need is to fetch all the properties of new/updated contact in hubspot?


Hi @starkedge, please refrain from posting API keys in this forum as it is public. I'd recommend you deactivate your current key and generate a new one in case someone has decided to use it.

That said, you've already highlighted the recently updated and created contacts endpoint that you should be using. If you need all of the properties, you'll need to add properties to your request URL like this:


You'll have to explicitly state which properties you'd like returned.


thanks @connor:

I have generated new apis.

Can you confirm if there is way to get properites of recently updated contacts without manually passing properties to request url? VIA WEBHOOK OR WORKFLOW?



If you have access to webhook actions in workflows, you can send your data to a given URL that accepts webhooks. Another option is that you can create an application, install it into your account, then subscribe to specific contact property updates via our Webhooks API (separate from webhooks in workflows): https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/webhooks/webhooks-overview.


You are welcome @starkedge .


Please edit your question and remove the api key. These are live and working.