Few questions about HubSpot API


Hi all,

I contacted HubSpot support and they redirected me here.

So I have few question regarding HubSpot API:

  1. Is there a possibility to get Social Media Reach (and how to calculate it) as it is available under Social > Reports? I tried using Social Media API with pulling broadcast messages for each of our channel and summing up all available metrics (clicks, replies, likes, retweets etc.) but I can’t get even close to the number as I can see in HubSpot report.

  2. How can we segment the data for one of our other account based on our undergraduate and graduate programs?

  3. Another question for HubSpot Analytics endpoints - Do you have any other exposed “Analytics API” endpoints available? Such as api.hubapi.com/analytics/v2/sources/summary/daily - because those would be really helpful for us if you can give us any additional analytics endpoints.



Hey Zoran,

Neither Social Reach or Analytics have a public facing API. Can you explain more about what you are hoping to accomplish with your second question?