Field length of Company ID and Contact VID - API



Our internal CRM supports only 10 characters for ID (at the moment) and our API calls are already getting values in ID fields that are 10 characters already. We are worried that our system won't be able to support the storing of the ID values (which we want to)

So the questions are:

  • What would be the max length of the Company ID and Contact VID?
  • And are these IDs sequential or random?



Hi @Kashyap_Patel, we don't have a max length set for the company ID or contact vid, but unless your CRM is massive, you shouldn't run into an issue. 10 characters is a huge ID space. These IDs are randomly generated proportional to the number of contacts/companies you have. As an example, a company I worked with recently had over 13,000,000 contacts and their vids reached 10 characters.


Thanks. That helps a lot. :slightly_smiling_face: