Filter the blogs that users see.


I have a php website where users are registered. The registration through the API sends the contacts to hubspot. I elaborated certain blogs in hubspot and I need that when the users enter the website, and enter BLOG in the menu, they will see the blog that I created in hubspot. Note: I need the blogs shown to be filtered depending on the contact information (Gender, Age etc). I did not find this information in the DOCS API, I would appreciate if you could help me.


If I understand correctly the user flow is something like the following:

  1. User is on your php website (hosted on some hosting provider), you have a Hubspot form embedded on a page somewhere. The user fills out that form.
  2. Depending on the what they enter into the form you want to route the user on submit to the same blog but you want to pass in filtering info to the blog so that it shows up with e.g. different categories? Or maybe that it shows them a different URL that has those filters applied?

If this is the case, it sounds a bit like you need to write some middleware that will process the form entry and then send to the forwarding URL’s based on details on the form. Then you can pass the parameters on formSubmit to the middleware. I would google ‘dynamic form redirect’ and see if there is a library that suits for that.

I checked for ‘hubspot dynamic form redirect’ and it seems it isn’t a standard form behavior but lists as possible using Forms API, according to this article: