Filtering contact by timeline event type and property does not work



Hello, My name is Daniel and I’m a developer I’ve done a Hubspot timeline API integration, and created events a given contacts.
And when I tryed to filtered contacts by my event and property it is not working.

I have several contacts with event and property which is satisfies my conditions, but I can not see my contacts.

Can you help me? Is it hubspot bug? Or am I doing something wrong?



Hi @Daniel_Yankovskiy,

Can you give me a link to an example contact in HubSpot that has a value for your custom event property so that I can take a closer look?


Hey @Derek_Gervais,


Hi @Daniel_Yankovskiy,

Thank you for sending that example record along! The issue here is that the values you've included are contained within the extraData attribute, not as distinct event properties. extraData is generally used for detail data that doesn't fit the simple property-value structure used by the Event Type properties. The information in extraData can only be used in the details template; it cannot be used in the event header or in list segmentation.

Your event template appears correct; you have the proper event properties created (which is why you can select them in the lists tool). It just looks like the actual values aren't being stored in the properties, but rather in the extraData attribute. You'll need to include the data in the properties themselves in order to use the values for list seg. I've included some material on the extraData object below, for reference.


Hey, @Derek_Gervais Thanks for your time. This works! Yeah if you want to use your event properties you should attach them to the event, not in extraData. extraData that's only for the template.

If you want to send myProperty with an event:

    "id": "001-001002",
    "eventTypeId": <<eventTypeId>>,
    "myProperty": "My Property Value", /* this my property value*/
    "email": "",
    "extraData": {