Filters not reflecting information within contact details


I am currently syncing attendees who have registered for one of my events to my Hubspot contact base.

From the event registrations, it appears we are passing all the information correctly and to the right place. At the contact level, the correct status and event types are showing, but then when filtering by that status and event type, the wrong people are showing in the list.

I am using a combination of three filters: one where "Guest List Status" is "checked in," one where "Occurred" is less than 90 days ago, and one where "Event Type" is "CF Global."
Filters and corresponding list can be seen here:

As you can see in this screenshot (, David Mann meets two of the criteria (occurred less than 90 days ago and Event Type is CF Global), but his status is still Attending.

If the filters are "and" filters, shouldn't all three have to be met for him to appear on that list? The same contact has checked in to an event with a different event type. Is it possible that since his Guest List Status is "Checked In" on a separate event, the system is recognizing that those three criteria are met in any event?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @splintegrations,

Looks like the issue is with the filters, and it's a bit confusing. Notice that there is a large 'and' button at the bottom of the criteria block, and multiple smaller 'and' buttons below each individual criteria? Those actually mean two distinct things. The smaller 'and' buttons will apply additional criteria where each must be applied to the same specific event. The larger 'and' buttons will apply additional criteria where each must be true, but can be true of different events of the same type.

In your case, you want to link each of these criteria with a smaller 'and' button. For David Mann in particular, each of your filters is true for an event, just not for a single event.


Hi @Derek_Gervais, thanks for your help with this!

I am still seeing some oddities when I update the filters.

  • In the attached screenshot , the list on the left uses Ands and we have a count of 295 contacts (which is expected for this type).
  • In the attached screenshot , the list on the right uses the little Ands and has 0 contacts.

The goal of this list is to capture any contact who has the status checked in, for the People Geek type of event, in the last 90 days.


Update, this is working when you use the correct Event Type, in this case "People Geekup". Thanks!