Finding common property between Hubspot Contacts and Hubspot Events


Hey everyone, i have a situation where, i need to link Hubspot_Contacts and Hubspot_Recipient_Events through a foreign key in my local DB. I have to find a common property that i need to use as a foreign key. So, i have found hs_legal_basis property common in both the Json responses through the Get request for Search for a contact by email address( I need to know if the same property exists for all the contacts in Hubspot_Contacts and Hubspot_Events


Welcome, @hemanth92,

Could you clarify what you mean by "HubSpot_Recipient_Events"? Are you referring to Email Events?

If so, I don't know of any property names which will appear in all responses, but the recipient's email value will show up. This is stored in the email property for contacts and the recipient property in Email Events API responses.


Hello Isaac, I am actually referring to hs_legal_basis property that i get from Json response of Search for a contact by email address( This particular property is found on the single user profiles of Contacts and Events API. I wanna know if this property exists for very email property of contacts and recipient property of Email Events API.


Thanks for clarifying, @hemanth92!

Yes, I believe it does.