Finding user by hsUserToken




Having real trouble looking up users by their UTK.

It's my expectation that sending someone an email from the CRM containing a tracked link to a page containing the HubSpot tracking code will produce a token that we can then use to locate the original user.

I've tried this on several machines / users and am never able to get the correct user back from the "Get a contact by user token" endpoint after providing it the value of window.__hsUserToken. The API always recognizes the token but consistently returns "is-contact": false indicating the tracking code has created a new guest identity (?).

The page in question is hosted on Squarespace.

What in the world am I doing wrong?


Hi @TIleminer,

If you're not getting a 404 error, but the is-contact field is false, then the usertoken value hasn't been associated with a contact record. It sounds like the primary mechanism you're using to identify these contacts is email identity tracking; in order to troubleshoot this further, I'll need to actually reproduce the issue myself. Can you give me your Hub ID so that I can log into your portal and do some testing with my own email address?