Firtname and Surname when create ticket


Hi team,
when creating a ticket ( you normally set a custom property to a specific value , for example:

    "name": "subject",
    "value": "This is an example ticket"
    "name": "content",
    "value": "Here are the details of the ticket."

but how can I add the Name and Surname to the ticket? in a ticket you normally see in the Contact section the Name + Surname and underneath the email

I imagine that maybe I have to create a contact ? ( if so how do I associate it with ticket?


Hi @codeling

Yes, you're right - the best plan of attack is to create the Contact and the Ticket and glue them together with the CRM Associations:

You'll need to choose the " Association definitions" from the table on this page:

Have fun


Sorry for late reply, this is what I needed, thanks a lot :smiley: