Forbidden dispite scope


Hi Hubspot

I’m trying to create a form (or even retrieve an existing form) through the api, and I just keep getting back 403 forbidden. I have checked my permissions using and get the following back:-


So I seem to have the correct scope but still cannot access. I’m logging in with a test account with Marketing Enterprise permissions.

I am passing the auth token etc, and have no problems creating pages etc, its literally just with forms creating or retrieving through the api I get this issue. I can create them through the portal manually no problem




Hi @Lee_Jackson,

Can you post the full error you’re seeing?


{“status”:“error”,“message”:“This oauth-token (CNSsjbGELBICAgMYx8n1ASCm7KoCKOW6AzIZADFo0tIJadFy7OZh4-Eiaf-TP_OC1c####) does not have proper scope group permissions! (requires all of ids [1])”,“correlationId”:“86038da8-3fac-4688-8583-a15886403aec”,“requestId”:“9986e50396201273d9ba5c8d13100f36”}


Hi Derek, figured this out, it needed the contact scope. Might be worth adding this to the documentation.

Thanks for your help