Form API - Access Denied and Cookies




I’m trying to submit a Hubspot form via PHP and have ran into some problems.

What I’m running:

  • Wordpress server version 4.8

  • PHP version 5.6

  • Unable to use the curl_init function, which is used here. Instead using wp_remote_post.

  • Tried submitting the form data as an associative array and as a URL string (as in the original instructions).


  • When submitting the data the hs_context as an associative array, I receive a 403: access denied error.

  • When submitting the hs_context in JSON format, or not at all, the form successfully submits to Hubspot. The username, email, etc. are collected into the correct fields. However, the linked name is incorrect. For example, if I submit to Hubspot with the first name “Bob”, that name will show up in the first name field. But the associated name may show up as “John Smith”. I’ve attached images of examples.

Below is an example code snippet:

$response = wp_remote_post($endpoint, array(
    'method'      => 'POST',
    'body' => $str_post