Form API Not Requiring Fields on Submit


Hi All,


If you click to download one of our packages (orange buttons), you will get a modal popup form. For some reason, the form allows the user to simply click the “Download Now” button without requiring any fields to be filled in.

We are not embedding the form as we are serving the file for download on submit and then redirecting, which it seems is not possible with the simple embed code.

Please assist and let me know what code you need to see to help.



Hi @Jeremy_Hess ,

I think I found the issue in a race condition.

At line 278 on where you have the handler

that `track_cli_contactForm` function fires the `downloadCLIDownload` function which hides the modal. That is beating our validation and `onFormSubmit` handler.  It works every once in a while (you can see my contact in your system) which is another pointer to a race condition.



Thanks, Zack. It looks like you’re right and the issue has been fixed :slight_smile:

Appreciate it!