Form Card Flips Not Working with Updated HubSpot HTML


We’ve been using a flipping animation for some of our pages where the form is initially hidden, and on a link click, it flips a card to reveal the form. It looks like HubSpot recently update the automatic markup when placing form modules so when we began adding new event tiles, the tiles would flip, but no form would show because they were being called something different.

This also broke the automatic redirect that happened when someone submitted the form, since post-submission, they would be brought back down to the form that they just filled out but would see the inline thank you message. Something we’ve also noticed is that on our newer clients that we brought onto HubSpot, when they submit a form and there is an inline thank you message, the page does NOT reload. But when we do it on pages that have been in HubSpot for a while, the entire page reloads when the form is submitted and there is an inline thank you message. Here is a link to a testing page that is showing the issues.

Is anyone from HubSpot able to shed any light on these new changes that HubSpot keeps making, and possibly any way to develop a workaround, since our development team is having trouble finding a solution. Thanks,

Patrick Eng


Hi @Patrick_Eng,

Looking at that page, I’m seeing forms appear after each of the card flip animations. After submitting a form as a test, it also appears that the page refresh and inline thank you message both function correctly. Is that example page still showing the issues with the forms appearing and redirection?



Thanks for looking at it. The issue was more that the page was originally supposed to bring you back to the card after you submit that shows the Thank You message.

For example, I just submitted the form for the Jan 27 event. The form submits, the page refreshes, but then I have to scroll back down to the Jan 27 event tile and click the button again to see the Thank You message. Also, if I click on any other modules that are using the new form modules, their thank you messages appear and just skip the form altogether, even though I didn’t submit those forms.

But it doesn’t affect the old form modules, like the ones used by the March 3 event.

Does that make sense?


Patrick Eng


Hi @Patrick_Eng,

Sorry for the delay on this. Regarding the fact that all forms appear submitted after submitting just one; this is an issue we’re working on internally related to how forms interact with flex columns. I’ll track the issue and update here when there’s a resolution.

Regarding the form flipping back over; I’m seeing some mixed things when checking out this page. It looks like an inline thank you message is selected in the UI, but I don’t see a specific form selected, and the raw form submission data includes a redirectUri field. The normal thank you message setting should return a 204 when the form is submitted, not refresh the page. Are you doing anything custom, or do you have the form set up to redirect by default in the form settings?


Hi @Patrick_Eng,

Just received conformation that we’ve rolled out a fix for this issue. After testing on that page, I can see that the issue has been resolved. Let me know if you continue to see any issues going forward!