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I am new to Hubspot. We have a custom made tool for creating quotes that includes a lot of configuration. Thus we need to add custom button/link to some of the forms (contact) in hubspot so that we can get user and contact information created as part of the quote. Then the external tool can be tailored to generate quote information in hubspot.

Is there a way to do this in hubspot? (adding buttons/link to hubspot forms, or other form of integrating external tools)


@Jardar_Maatje what type of information are you trying to place in the form?


Hi. Basically we need a button/link that includes data from the contact and user. Preferably this could be the ID of the user and the ID of the contact, then we could request the rest of the information through the Hubspot API I would guess. Below is how I would think the flow will go (something similar has been implemented in superoffice before):


  1. Click custom button in HB (hubspot)
    HB -> (user_id, contact_id) -> QC ( Quote Configurer)
  2. QC retreives more details from HB throug API
    HB -> (contact detail, contact_id ) -> ( Quote Configurer )
  3. Configuration is finished and QC writes quote details back to HB
    QC -> (Quote details) -> HB


@Jardar_Maatje Instead of a button you could always just have a hidden field that would be pre-populated. That being said you won’t be able to grab the contact id from the forms tool. You will have to do that via the hubspot API. You could grab the utk on form submission and pass that to the same script in your part 2.


Not sure if I follow. A hidden field would not solve anything. Basically what we need is a button/link inside Hubspot (on the contact page) that launches the other web application and a way to identify the user and the contact from which it was launched.
So as you understand this is independently of the default save/submitt button on the contact form.


@Jardar_Maatje No, you’d have to make a custom form and then pass the form submission into hubspot.


Can the form live inside hubspot in some way or would it need to be implmented externally?


@Jardar_Maatje What do you mean by live in? You will need to make a form in hubspot to be the home of the form submission. Is your page hosted on HubSpot or is it hosted somewhere else?


I was probably a bit unclear. I will try to reformulate it.

What we want is to have the flow that a sales person navigates to a contact and from here starts configuring a new quote (on external) page. When saving the quote externally the result (at least the summary) should be pushed back into Hubspot.

So as you understand we need to have an action that is hooked up to the contact page that makes it possible to continue work externally. The external page need to know the contact_id and the id of the logged in user.

Does the custom form somehow make this possible?


@Jardar_Maatje Just so I understand you are not looking for the ID of a lead you are looking for the ID of one of your sales reps?


I want to be able to create a lead/quote. Since the lead creation requires a lot of configuration we need to do this in our external tool. So I need a way to activate this external tool (web page) from within hubspot. So I need to be able to create some sort of button/form that will open the external web tool and pass on contact_id (customer) and user_id (sales rep).

The external tool will then be used to configure the quote. At the end it should push data back into hubspot so that we have can keep track of quotes.


@Jardar_Maatje At the moment there is no way to do that within hubspot. We will be releasing soon an extensions API where you will be able to do the first half of it.

scroll half way down and you can read about it.

The second half about pushing back into HubSpot will require an integration built on your end.


@pmanca what kind of javascript code would you use to grab the utk on form submission?